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How to Lose Weight With Green Tea

The Green Tea Diet: Weight Loss? Many people fall into the list of diet-trenders. If this is you, then you know you've already been identified. This distinction applies to anyone who jumps on the latest diet bandwagon, giving one trend or fad diet after another a quick shot before coming up empty-handed. With many people slightly overweight or worse, and society putting such heavy pressure on how Read More...

Progressive Lenses Helpful in Correcting Vision of Presbyopia Patients

With the growing age the vision usually deteriorates thus making space for the use of glasses. To sort out the vision problem of aging people progressive lenses and eyeglasses prove to be the best of solution. Progressive lenses are also known as multifocal lenses that are used by the people to improve their vision. This eyeglass is helpful in viewing distant object, nearby object and also medium Read More...

Green Housing For Your Best Life

With all the talk of going green, it should come as no surprise that there are movements being made towards green housing with every passing day.  This way of living sustains our resources and actually has immense benefits for the family who lives green to the fullest extent that they can. So what exactly is green housing?  For the most part, anytime you have heard the term greenhouse has been in Read More...

Prime Time Plus Goes Green And Means It!

The growing importance of being kind to Mother Earth is a rapidly spreading concern across the globe. Unfortunately, some companies are using false claims of “Going Green” to attract new business. The new fad is to say that you are an environmentally safe company. Simply using recycled printer paper is not enough to claim you are eco-friendly. Prime Time Plus is a highly reputable personal pr Read More...

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